Dienstag, 26. Juni 2012

Quick mail update.

Hello dears,
how are you doing? I'm pretty fine actually, I just had dinner with my boyfriend and after this post will read a bit and get my stuff ready (I'm heading to Berlin on thursday to a meeting and will stay there until saturday) and then sleep. 

I just wanted to show you the last bits of mail that went through my hands...

There was this letter to Alex in the Philippines. I used an old paper bag for the envelope and would have loved to send it like that...
Letter bag
 But of course we know that one cannot do that, so I had to seal the envelope with my new tapes :)
Back of the Envelope
 I also finished my reply to Korina and sent that out, too.
 I always feel the urge to describe the place the letter is going to if it's an unusual country, like Guam here. Do you feel the same? A post office worker once asked me where a specific country was so I feel safer specialising that...
Till Eulenspiegel stamp - I love that one! Till Eulenspiegel is a famous figure of German literature.

Another famous German invention - This stamp celebrates 125 years of the car. The patent from the firm Benz & Co. dates January 29, 1886 and is said to be the "birth certificate" of the car.

 The next letter that went out was for my pal M. in the Netherlands. Her birthday is coming up, so apart from a letter I also sent her some extra stuff. What kind of things do you send your penpals for their birthdays? I found it a bit hard to find things flat and light enough to mail...
And a letter to my pal F. in Italy.

Letters to M. and F.
 Of course I had to use that flag stamp for the letter for F... We'll see who wins tomorrow.
M. is being greeted by the congratulations-fishes :)
Suiting stamps for the letters...

Incoming of today!

After six weeks of travelling, I received a package from Nicole! So now we all know how long it can take if you don't put the airmail label on your envelopes...

Besides a dress which I'm actually wearing at the moment I received four AWESOME envelopes. Thank you so much! It will be really hard to part with these....
Envelopes from Nicole
 More incoming of today: A letter all the way from Uganda! Such an awesome and interesting letter, I really look forward to getting to know that girl better.
Long letter from Uganda.
 Oh and look at the stamps. I love animal stamps, I think they are the greatest...
Great stamps from Uganda
 And the last incoming of today, a letter from Lucas, written with a fountain pen of course :)
Letter from Lucas
 Lastly, here are the outgoings of tomorrow: A letter to Lucas, a postcrossing card and two "first postcards" to Sri Lanka.
Outgoing of tomorrow... many alps there :)
 And lastly, the stamps I used today.

So, that's it from me. I sent many letters on the weekend which aren't shown on here, to Shelby, Laura, Patry, Anne, Bee and Jennifer. I hope they'll arrive soon :)

Take care all of you!

Alles Liebe,


  1. Que bien que ya me enviaras mi carta =) yo te aviso cuando me llegue ^^


  2. really really pretty stuff there love your letters.

  3. Lots of really fun stuff - I love your "Till Eulenspiegel" stamp and the Croc stamps from Uganda are really cool. :)

  4. Hiya Caddi! Congratulations as you're one of the winners of my giveaway! You've won all the 3 Disney stamp sets! I'll be sending your prizes a.s.a.p.! Have a lovely weekend! Happy mailing!



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