Samstag, 16. Juni 2012

Mail in and out

The last days my mail has been rather slow, I think partly because I don't have that much time to write letters at the moment. Once next week is over (I have to hand in the 20-pages-paper on thursday) I'll have a few days to write before I'll have to study extra hard for the exams, so please understand that my replies might take a bit longer at the moment :) Exams will be over on July 13th, so I'll reply to all mail that I haven't replied to yet by then.

However, I still sent some mail this week - on monday, actually. Plus one letter more on thursday, but I didn't take a picture of it.

Mail sent on monday
Still, I was spoiled with mail :)

I received a letter from Jennifer on cute paper,
Letter from Jennier
 a postcard from Sabrina, I especially like the big monkey :)
Postcard from Sabrina
 A letter from my pal F. from Italy. Her letters always feel like talking in real life somehow.
Letter from F.
 and a letter from Shelby in the US.
Letter from Shelby
Shelby also sent me some great stamps, thank you so much! You can't see them very well on this picture, mostly because they are still wet (due to taking them off the paper) and bad light, but they are awesome. Thanks Shelby!!
Shelby spoiled me with stamps
 And today I received a letter from Anne, thanks!!
Letter from Anne
What do you guys do in the phases where you don't have enough time to write fast replies to everybody? Any good tips? I am somewhat a bit desperate knowing that all of these awesome people who send me mail are waiting for a reply and I don't have time to send it within 10 days... That's usually my "deadline". Are you also in a busy time right now?

Take care and 
alles Liebe,

On a sidenote, I just saw that my package arrived in Malaysia :)


  1. Usually those people who take long to write do it every time which is when you know they aren't serious but most people at this time of year are doing exams. If you really want to let them know you're thinking of them, send a postcard.

    1. Thanks for your advice!
      I also had been thinking about sending them a postcard, I'll see if I take much longer with replying... I sent out a bunch of letters today, so I'm not that behind anymore.

  2. yay, die Karte ist angekommen ^^

  3. I'm busy with work full-time plus taking grad school classes, so as I've gotten more mail it's been harder to reply within a few days. Usually I just try to mention in my letter that I've been busy and apologize for the slower reply.

    1. That's what I do too.
      I sent you a letter today (even though it was a short one, but still), I hope you'll get it soon.

  4. I am happy you got some good happy mail time from your pen-friends.

    1. Thank you, my pen pals really mean a lot to me :)

  5. Por supuesto que quiero ser tu penpal! :3 escríbeme a tu dirección para prepararte una cartita lo antes posible, solo dime la fecha de envío, por si estas ocupada o algo. :3 ami me hace mucha ilusión tener penpals que hablen español :D

    1. Te voy a dejar un mensaje en tu blog con mi direccion, listo?


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