Freitag, 8. Juni 2012

A mail pile

Hi everybody!
Have you also been so busy? Besides the obvious workload I have from college, I also have a huge mail pile to reply to these days. I’m digging through them though :)
So, since the last time I wrote I had lots of incoming mail. 

On June 1st, there was this postcard from Costa Rica, sent from Erick via sendsomething. It shows the biggest ox-cart of the world.
Postcard from Costa Rica

I also received a letter from my dear pal F. from Italy.
Letter from F. in Italy
The next Monday, the 4th of June, I received three letters from the USA.
One from Laura, which I am looking forward replying to, you know why :)

Letter from Laura with a postcard of her hometown and an extra envelope for me to use inclosed
One from Melissa, on very creative writing paper! That’s an old children’s book telling the story of some mice. She decorated the envelope she made herself with lots of stickers and she used great stamps :) So I do have another one of those birds!
Letter from Melissa

So many stickers!

Great stamp!
And one letter from Brittany, which was more a selfmade postcard in an envelope.
Letter from Brittany
The next day, which was Tuesday, I also received one more letter – this time from T. from the USA. She works in a post office, how neat is that? She also used great stamps, I especially like the black cat.
Letter from T. in the USA

Cat stamps!
 So, that was my incoming mail of the last days :) I didn't receive anything on wednesday, yesterday was a holiday and I haven't been to my P.O. Box today (yet...).

On to the outgoing.

This was mailed out last monday. One letter to Jennifer in the UK, (which actually already arrived), one to Destiny in the US, one to F. in Italy and another one to a potential new pen pal in Kenya.
Outgoing of June 4th
 Backside of the envelopes :)

 The next day I only managed to get one piece of mail sent out, this letter is now on its way to Lithuania.
I really like the stamp with the matching sticker :)
 These are the letters going out the next time I'll pass a letterbox...
 One to Abbye in Northern Ireland,
Letter going out to Abbye in Northern Ireland
 one to Melissa in the US,
Letter to Melissa
 one to A. in the Czech Republic,
Letter to A. in the Czech Republic
 and another one, also going to the Czech Republic, but this one is going out to Barbora.
Letter to Bee in the Czech Republic
 I also got the package ready (and had to take one surprise out again, as there was a picture of a 100€ bill on it... damn duty restrictions.)
Give away
 And this is how it looks :) I hope the stamp won't get damaged! I'm a bit worried actually... But we'll see.
Give away.
So, now I have to sit down and reply to the six remaining letters. Oh, and I also have to finish two intro letters... As you see, I don't have time to be bored :)

What are your plans for the weekend?

Alles Liebe, 


  1. Wow really good great nice sweet lovely letters, I really like the look of your letters you always get net looking letters a lot.

  2. The card or letter from T looks intriguing. Can't wait to get my letter - I am on vacation for two weeks so I bet it will be waiting when I get home!! :)

    1. I'm sure you'll have loads of mail waiting for you once you get home! It's always a good feeling to be welcomed by lots of mail.


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