Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013

Strange travel times for letters from the UK...

Hello dears,
yay, I keep getting letters this week! I've had another two letters yesterday and then again two more today! Such a happy mailbox, it's great!

The letters of yesterday came from the USA, from Yana - we already had exchanged some packages and now she sent me a little letter, so lovely! I will reply soon!

The next letter was a lovely long letter (on beautiful paper by the way!) from a penpal here in Germany. I loved hearing from her again! The stamp is lovely, it's one of the stamps for heavier letters so I don't get to see them often, but I really like it.

Today I got two letters from the UK, one is from Jennifer and one from Anna. Both were lovely, but I noticed something unusual...

... they both arrived on the same day, but one has travelled at least ten days longer than the other one! The one on top, with the handwriting of the date, is the one Jennifer sent me. Four to five days is a normal time span for letters from the UK to Germany. The letter from Anna, however, was cancelled on May 20 and also only arrived today! It clearly had an airmail sticker though... Well, at least it hasn't gone missing!

I also have outgoing mail to show you! I wrote a bit on the train today and am still working on a letter to a penpal here in Germany, so there will be more mail going out the next days...

This is a letter heading out to Tári in France, with a few airmail-labels from Germany.

Next, I finished a letter to Almanté in Lithuania, which will go out tomorrow.

And I'm also sending out mail to Penny in Brasil! Oh, and I love the sweets you can see here, but after having to many of them they make you feel sick :( (Guess who already had loads and somehow still can't stop?)

Being busy with mail again feels great!

Alles Liebe,


  1. Thank you for your mail, Caddi. :) I'm sending out your envelope tomorrow, let me know when you receive it. :)

    Oh, and I know what you mean by getting sick with those delicious candies. :/

    1. Thanks for your mail as well! I got it today and I love the priority-labels you sent me! The look so cute! And oh so foreign with the accent on the a... :)


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