Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2013

Some mail

Dear readers,
well, that didn't go too well with the challenge - I already had photographed so many stamps, but then never got around to prepare the posts to go online. Anyway! I wanted to show you guys some of the mail I got in the last days, as I realized I hadn't posted here in about two weeks. I just took pictures of the mail I was having close, so there might be a few letters not pictured here of course. I'm also more often writing letters on the way now and have gotten used to always carry a few stamps and envelopes, but since I usually don't carry my camera, I'm of course not able to take pictures of the mail I send.

So, have a look at some of the mail I got in the past weeks...

 A cute thank you card from Tári in France! Thank you!

 A lovely letter from Yana in the USA.

I love craft paper! This was a reply from a swap on swap-bot. I loved the stamp!

Today I got a cute letter from Penny in Brazil! We agreed to swap some priority labels :) Is there anyone else out there willing to send me some airmail / priority labels from their country in exchange for German ones? Please leave a comment or get in touch, I will get back to you :)

 A surprise package from my father, who thought of me when he saw a book and thus decided to send it to me :)

 A letter from a German penpal. Isn't the stamp great? It's the German EUROPA-one for this year. Tári also used this years EUROPA-stamp on her letter by the way :)

 A letter from Michelle. The envelope looks so cool!

 Plain envelopes sometimes contain the greatest letters - I'm always happy receiving letters from old friends!

 I got this letter for a penpal swap on swap-bot and immediately thought "I have seen this paper somewhere already!"... Later I realized I had bought sticky notes of the same design when I was in the USA last summer :)

 A long letter from one of my German penpals. We share book and washi tape addictions :)

Oh, and did I mention my boyfriend being the best? Last week I got flowers... well as a small surprise gift because I'm having a hard time at university currently. Love him!

Well, that's all from me for now.

Remember, I'd love to swap airmail labels with you!

All the best and take care,


  1. Really good great letters and mail.

  2. Enjoyed watching your mail :) It's always interesting to have a look into someone's mailbox, isn't it? :) Your father is just great! :) I would love mine to make me such a nice surprises, hehe ;) Hugs from Poland!

    1. Yes, I love to see what others receive :) I'm very curious and love to get ideas for letter designs as well...
      Have a great day!

  3. Nice mail, Caddi! I've got your letter as well, thank you!
    This week I got more airmail labels, and I think I'm gonna send you a few more. :)

    1. I'm glad to know my letter arrived! Of course I wouldn't say no to more airmail labels... :) I love how they look!
      I hope you are doing well!

  4. I'm glad you got my card and liked it :) The German Europa stamps look great too, love the theme they chose this year, actually.

    1. Thanks again :) I agree, the theme of this year is great. But actually I just love the idea of a common theme itself. Do you know whether the Europa-stamps from France always are the international rate?


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