Sonntag, 16. Februar 2014

Dear Alex - Philippines

A letter sent to my dear friend Alex in the Philippines today.

I used an envelope of a giveaway I won a while back (thanks again! I already used all the writing paper and now only have one envelope left of the three), which I love because of the airmail border. Isn't anything airmail just fantastic? The priority label I used is from Austria.

The letter I wrote plus the letter and Christmas card I got from her. I just love her handwriting!

Arent't the stamps from the Philippines great? I think I already mentioned a few times that I just love stamps with animals and especially underwater creatures on them - and these are SO pretty! (And I'm SO looking forward to snorkeling in Australia!)

What kind of images do you like on stamps?

Alles Liebe,


  1. In my teens I loved looking at stamps but once I stopped stamping my own letters I just never paid attention anymore. I kind of regret that. However I'm making up for it now as I'm buying and stamping my own letters again and its like waking up from a deep sleep... its just amazing to see all the different stamps available here and abroad.

    Speaking of stamps did you ever receive the stationery set I sent you?

  2. What a nice mails ^^. All the letters I sent to Philipines had got lost :O

  3. Hola Caddi! quería preguntarte si te llego la carta que te envié hace tiempo, creo que en diciembre, un abrazo! Rocio.

  4. I also love stamps of underwater creatures. These are pretty! I don't think we get many of sea-related stamps although Japan is surrounded by the ocean. :p


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