Freitag, 4. Oktober 2013

Postcards from around the World # 5 - Greece

Today I got a postcard from a close friend - the lucky girl spent a few days in Greece!

It has been almost ten years since I have been in Greece (wait, maybe even longer!) and I have to admit, I was a bit jealous when I heard about her plans - but I love that she got to go on a holiday, she deserves it! She did enjoy the greek sun, the beach, the ocean - they also went to see Athen and Patras though!

I love the stereotypical white and blue houses of Greece, I love the colour combination.
The stamp is fantastic as well!

This card made me want to go on holidays SO bad! Well, next year there's another chance for some travels...

Where will your next journey take you?

Alles Liebe,


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